Scottish Country Dance Events in the Washington, D.C. Area
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Northern Virginia Branch, RSCDS, invites everyone to

Your Basic Tea Dance!

Music by
Elke Baker (fiddle) and Liz Donaldson (piano)

2:30 p.m., Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dance review at 1:45 p.m.

Devisor/Emcee: Margaret Grandine

Trinity Presbyterian Church
5533 N. 16th St., Arlington, VA

The Greenbelt Jig32J3Moments in Time
First Love32S3Let's All Dance Too
The Kissing Bridge32R3RSCDS Book 47
Bedrule32S3RSCDS Book 33
Lamb Skinnet32J3RSCDS Book 14
The Minister on the Loch32S3 setRSCDS Magazine Dances
Davy Nick Nack32R3Glasgow Assembly
Holden My Own32J3Between the Rivers
Mary Erskine32R3RSCDS Graded Book 2
The Braes of Tulliemet32S3RSCDS Book 7
The Barmkin88R4 circleRSCDS Graded Book 2
Light and Airy32J3RSCDS Book 4
Fair Donald32S3RSCDS Book 29
The Reel of the 51st Division32R3RSCDS Book 13

Admission: RSCDS members $20, non-members $25, students $10

Ready-to-eat contributions for the refreshment table are welcome.

Everyone is invited, not just basic dancers!
For information: Ellie Briscoe, (703) 461-7383 or ellie@briscoe.com